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Young guests ages 4-11 are invited to unleash their spirit and adventure at Constance Kids Club. Fully trained and enthusiastic Coordinators will lead trips of island exploration, local crafts, culinary activities and scavenger hunts to name a few that will engage with their exciting, exotic holiday location.
Discovery will be a key part of each daily theme.

Amenities & Services of Constance Kids Club include:

  • Registration at any time during your stay to ensure that kids are ready to participate and play.
  • Safety and security is our number one priority.
  • Swimming pool for free play, relays, tag games and more.
  • Open play areas to show off talents, play interactive games, show movies and create a kid’s circus!
  • Computer stations for gaming, internet access and other activities.
  • Arts & Crafts with local and traditional crafts.
  • Day and evening themed programs.
  • A theme day to create pizzas, make ice cream and enjoy some smoothie sweets and treats.
  • An imagination space for the younger 4-6 year old guests, which may include playhouses, kitchenettes, tool workshops and even some 4-wheel transportation rides.
  • Age appropriate washrooms for just their size.
  • Outdoor space for running relays, games and playground for parental supervision play.