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Although recently renovated, the Tamarin hotel will nevertheless surprise you with the carefully cultivated colourful 70’s style of its interior design and furniture.
The cuisine matches the atmosphere of the hotel, offering tropical buffets as well as vegetarian and dietary dishes.For those who seek harmony, peace of mind and want to free their body from stress, we recommend the in-house spa where the expert hands of health specialists will take care of them.

Under the roof of a wooden kiosk in the middle of the garden, the Crazy Fish Bar brings about the ambiance of a fisherman’s village where you can enjoy Tamarin cocktails and many flavoured rums. Being the favourite hangout of some of the best musicians of the island, this unique little hotel spoils you with a top musical entertainment, varying from delightful jazz to rhythmic Sega. Staying at the Tamarin Hotel will stimulate a curious mind, as the Tamarin area is more than a famous surf spot and was a legendary hippie destination in the sixties. The village of Tamarin nestles between the bay and the Tamarin River. With its prominent salt pans, the Martello Tower and the nearby Black River National Park, the area is rich in historical landmarks. Nature lovers will enjoy the lagoon, home of dolphins and porpoises. Some of the best deep fishing waters of the world are nearby, diving conditions are excellent.